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  • The Forest Brotherhood.
  • Welcome to the official site of The Forest Brotherhood. A clan who participates on different games, and a helpfull, friendly community wich is always open for new people. If you want to join, please register and go to the forums (Register with your INGAME NICK!) , where you can find the last information.

    Thanks for reading,

    ~ The TFB Team.

    Small Tour :
    ~ Forums : Used for communication and planning of events.
    ~ Blog : Mainly used to post news, announcements, stories, etc ...
    ~ Galery : Used to upload pictures, videos and so on.

    Active in the current games :
    ~ Runescape Clan (TFB) : [ON]Line / Runescape Forum Thread (TFB) : [OFF]Line

    For information about the games we\'re spreading to, see our forums.
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  • Added by: Silverleafs @ 09 Dec 2008 22:11
    09/12/2008 : Exams, and TFB growing...
    Hey there! I'm currently in my exams, however I still want to try to be active in TFB. Currently that is happening behind the scenes to ;). TFB is getting released really really really soon in YPP, and for that I want that the site becomes more active to release the community site there. So please, get as much people to be active, thanks. Silver.

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